Kate Topping

Give your home a Kate-over

Whether you’re selling up or staying put, your home should look utterly gorgeous. That needn’t mean spending a bomb on fancy stylists and designer brands. Simple tips from someone who really knows will do the trick nicely. That someone is me, Kate.

Forget fickle fashions, big bills, and projects that take forever.  I’m all about nailing the basics, with quick and simple changes that actually make all the difference. Getting more of the wow with less of the woe.  Some say it’s cutting corners, or even cheating.  My clients say that’s the whole point.

For 14 years I’ve helped the homes of Hebden Bridge look gorgeous, providing advice and inspiration from my popular paint shop, Colour Yorkshire. Customers said they loved my ideas, so I had another one: offer a quick, simple and adorably affordable consultation service in the comfort of your home. 


Home Colour Consultation

Sell Your House Consultation