Want to see what people say about me and how I’ve helped them? Of course you do!

“We are incredibly lucky to have found Kate who immediately put our overwhelmed minds at ease having just bought a period house in need of some TLK (Tender Loving Kate)! 

Kate’s enthusiasm and passion for design and understanding of colour and textures is contagious and we’re super excited to hear more of her ideas as we work around the house. We cannot recommend Kate enough. I just hope she still has time for us once the secrets out that there’s an excellent consultant in town!”


“I love popping in to Colour Yorkshire. Kate’s a diamond. Always managed to give the right advice and encouragement whilst decorating my house but guaranteed we’ll have a giggle about something or other... x” 

-Paul Murphy

“Kate is not only incredibly well informed and helpful, she is as enthused about your home looking great as you are. It's quite a skill to be able to see the vision of someone else and be able to apply that vision in practical terms. Not only will you be well looked after, Kate will bring joy to what can sometimes be a daunting and tedious task. Use Kate, you won't be disappointed.” 

-Kate Velveteen

“Kate's encyclopaedic knowledge of colour trends and expertise in finding the best paint formulations for the job has helped me breeze through countless decorating projects. She also has all the local trades' contacts at her fingertips and always has time for a chat.” 

-Rebecca Land Cave