I currently offer two specialist services, depending on what you need.

My Home Colour consultation will turn your house into a home.  Not just any home – the home you always wanted but didn’t quite know how to get (or thought you couldn’t afford).  

For my Home Colour consultation, I’ll visit your home and together we’ll come up with the perfect colour palette for it, inside and out.  We’ll start right from scratch and look at each individual room, and I’ll bring my full paint colour range and wallpaper samples with me too. I’ll also use online resources to help with inspiration, and I’ll advise you on specific products and practical technicalities to help make everything easy.  

Included in my fee I’ll also give you recommendations and contact details for the very best local tradespeople.  You’ll even get an exclusive discount card for 20% off everything in my decorating and DIY shop, Colour Yorkshire.  One thing to remember: I’m here to give you schemes and ideas that are simple and affordable, not over-fussy looks that cost a bomb or take forever to complete.  Trust me, you’ll thank me for it.

Fee: £195 including follow-up advice via email, phone and at my shop

London Clients: cost of service + travel 

My Sell Your House consultation does exactly what it says on the tin.  I’ll show you the short cuts to getting your house sold quicker, and for more money. 

Just like my Home Consultation, I’ll come to your house and give you a totally tailored service. The difference is that I’ll be giving you advice and tips for selling your house quicker, with less hassle, and probably for more money too.  This service is about getting the best bang for your buck so your money isn’t wasted.  It’s about thinking smarter too, like knowing what to change and what to leave, or having the confidence to resist those famously forgettable magnolia makeovers.

Whether you’re about to put your house on the market or already weary of waiting for viewings, I’ll look at every aspect of every room.  I’ll recommend colours that catch the eye, and help you decide if converting the loft or re-doing the kitchen is actually going to be worth it.  Once I’ve done, you’ll have a home that looks as good as possible to as many potential buyers as possible, whether they’re searching online or right there in person.

Just like my Home Consultation service, I’ll help you pick and choose products and find the best tradespeople too.  You’ll even get that same 20% discount off everything I sell in my fab little decorating and DIY shop, Colour Yorkshire.

Fee: £195 including follow-up advice via email, phone and at my shop

London Clients: cost of service + travel