Here’s home

Our higgledy-piggledy home is a modest Victorian 3-bed terrace in Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge. I’ve lived here with my partner, Andy, and daughters, Jools and Bobbie, for two years now, and we love it.  

This house was the perfect wreck when we moved in – ‘perfect’ because it was habitable enough to live in during our major renovation.  I say major and it really was: everything from demolishing walls and fitting RSJs through to complete kitchen and bathroom fit-outs.  Plus a total makeover for every room, of course.  

In fact, we did everything except spend a fortune. Most of the work we completed ourselves, trawling YouTube and Gumtree for advice, inspiration and a shed-load of bargains.  Andy and I worked as a team at our own pace, and I can honestly say it was (mostly) a pleasure.  At the end of the day we got what we wanted: a beautiful and unique home that really fits with our vision, for a fraction of the cost you’d expect.  Most amazingly of all, our relationship survived the process!